Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What is new year?

Assalamualaikum wbt

Day 03 of 365, Year 2013.

Yes, the year increased by one digit but for me it is still the same. Only the number changed and one thing that never change is the time that still running..

from a second to a minute to an hour to a day to a week to a month to a year....

then the number changes again..

Do something.

to make it different from the past...

the past is the history that left behind. you carry along the good deeds and leave behind the wrong doings.

the past will remain behind your life path becoming memories.

when the time flies, some of them might fade away where your wound will heal

you may give a forgiveness

your tears turn to a happiness

and where you can smile in front of your backstabbers....

Yet, where you stand is your current.

do not neglect it as you regret your past.

when you still have the chance, grab it.

and your action now may influence your future.

you're walking through the current phase into the future phase.

remember that yesterday is already a part of history

today will become yesterday

and tomorrow is your future.

Thank you Allah for the days that i had the chance to live on. I appreciate those happiness and those blessings.


Fatin Zulfah Alias

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