Monday, 5 December 2011

the things that are fated for us to appreciate


as you travel around this gigantic world, you found a lot of people with different characteristics. you also may found something treasure that you should be grateful but despite all the lovely things that you have been granted, you will confront with conflicts and issues that will give you either a good or a bad aftermath.

just believe that things happen for reasons. we just could plan the future with this and that but Allah knows the better path for us. a wise man said, that you're being tested by Him because He loves you. He knows your limit and boundaries and never put you under a burden. as the time walk by, you will grow with maturity and you know what's the best decision for you. 

when you're being tested, patience is the best medicine for you. no one could feel what you feel, they could only give you advice but you're the one who will continue walking. 

and sometimes tears are all that's needed to be said.

Every second has the potential to be great, but you have to make it great. Don't waste a second.

as i walked through the jagged path He had planned for me, he shaped me with the good people around. i never be neglected with love in a bit. yes through my walking, i sometimes rather run, and at a point i fall down. it really hurts me. to get up is feeling like hell. never be afraid to commit a decision. if you think that's the best thing for you, pray hardly so He will guide you with His bless and love. 

i never regret for the things that had been chasing me so hard. i noticed that i have become stronger each day i wake up. yes i saw a hope on you, but for everything i do He will be in my first place. 

accept all the imperfections in yourself, then you could accept the others. love yourself, then you could love the others. just ignore all the assumptions that made by those people. you know that Allah will never leave you. His love is the greatest and beyond all the limits  and  you're capable of what you believe. 

what ever pain that u feel,  
the pain could not be erased, but i will be faded away by the time you move on.

"orang mukmin sama ada lelaki ataupun perempuan akan sentiasa diuji oleh Allah s.w.t sama ada dirinya, anaknya ataupun hartanya sehinggalah dia menghadap Allah s.w.t tanpa dia membawa dosa sedikitpun"-Hadis riwayat Imam Tarmizi

regards, fatin zulfah alias.


  1. Honestly, this entry really motivated me! Thumbs Up fazzu! keep on blogging! xoxo

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  3. ALLAH always be with us.. dont give up.. "i sometimes rather run, and at a point i fall down" if it happens again n again juz go for driving a sport cars.. it will make u comfartable trust me.. hahaha! :p

  4. asri: thanks... :)

    unknown: i wish i have one sport car :)

  5. This is really motivational :)

  6. thanks ami :) i do love ur blog!